Hussein’s work featured in The Guardian

We are very pleased to announce that Hussein’s work, and Streatham FC’s projects have been featured in The Guardian’s ‘Guardian Angels’ column written by journalist Sirin Kale.

The story gives a good summary of Hussein’s life story and his motivation for working with kids through football training.

We have already had a number of inquiries from people about how they can donate to Streatham FC’s work. At the moment, the club’s parent charity, the East Africa Association, is fundraising to help pay for office space, which is needed not just for the club’s work but for the East Africa Association’s wider charity work in London.

If you would like to donate to this fundraising drive, you can find the page here at GoFundMe. Hussein and the rest of those involved in supporting the charity are very grateful for your interest and any help you can provide.

Summer of food and fun

Streatham FC won funding to provide school meals for children from disadvantaged backgrounds over the 2020 summer holidays. We are incredibly grateful for the work that footballer Marcus Rashford did to achieve this funding, and we were able to provide meals

We started off feeding 40 kids through the school meals programme, but in 6 days the number of kids who were presenting at our events and in need of food increased to 70.

At the end of the summer we had a gathering to thank everybody who took part. We hope that we can use this great experience of managing funding and helping communities in future as we grow as a charity and get more experience running projects like this.

Raising money during Coronavirus

Back at the start of the pandemic, we decided to try to crowdfund to support the work of the charity during the lockdown, when training was impossible. John and Hussein shot a short video and ran a crowdfunding page which raised about £800 to pay for expenses for the charity. While we didn’t raise enough money to buy digital football kits so that the kids could train at home, it was a useful experience in being able to crowdfund, and showed what we can achieve when other sources of funding are hard to reach.

Watch our video below.